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“I was in an accident that left me with a huge scar on my head. I couldn’t use regular hair extensions. I was so happy to find out about ThinHairThick”

Natural By Design

The ThinHairThick Clipless Hair Topper is for the crown and sides of the head- A patent-pending crown topper hair extension that adds volume.

Problem: “Help, I have hair but I just need a little boost!”
Solution: The ThinHairThick Clipless Hair Topper–comes in human hair toppers or synthetic hair toppers.

What is a hair topper and how is it different from a wig or traditional hair extensions?
Think of a hair topper like the middle ground between hair extensions and a wig. It is a covering worn on the crown or top of the head–a crown topper hair extension. Unlike a wig, it blends seamlessly with your own natural hair.  Unlike hair extensions, it adds volume to your hair in areas that are prone to thinning like the crown or top of the head and the sides, essentially a head topper. These unique hair pieces for women are crafted by ThinHairThick and the hair topper provides coverage where and how you need it most.

About 70% of all women will experience thinning hair at some point. Most of those women will notice a diffuse thinning of hair on the crown and sides of their head, with the back of the hair remaining stable. Traditional hair extensions do not address the crown and side volume hair loss because they are applied on the back of the head. And, to further complicate, not all toppers are created the same.  All of them rely on damaging clips to adhere to the head, or worse yet are bonded with glues. The ONLY exception to that is the stretchable, no-clip Clipless Hair Topper by ThinHairThick.

Latest Reviews

Chelsea in Washington

The mermaid hair I’ve always wanted! I’ve found an awesome solution!

Monroe in Pennsylvania

Way worth it! My mind isn’t constantly thinking about clips pulling at my hair. Thanks for helping me through the online consult.

Monique in California

As an actor, I need to change my look frequently. I cut bangs into my piece and it reminded me of how I used to look. I’m shocked how comfortable this is!

Amber in Utah

“It’s so cozy I can sleep in it! The color, the cut, the density is amazing!”

Sunita in Mumbai

“I love the new Black shade you came out with in the synthetic. The highlights are perfect!”

Anastasia in Nevada

“I was in an accident that left me with a huge scar on my head. I couldn’t use regular hair extensions. I was so happy to find out about ThinHairThick. It’s the perfect solution for me and any lady who wants to add volume on their crown.”