A is for Alopecia or is it for attention-seeking?

The dust is beginning to settle in hollywood.  A week after social media buzzed about "the Slap Heard Around the World" what have we learned?

Why are some people claiming that Jada Pinkett Smith's problem isn't that bad? Does she really have Alopecia?  Alopecia can look different depending on the type. ALOPECIA AREATA

First Stage

Small spots start to appear. 

Dotted Diamond
Blue Rings

ALOPECIA AREATA Its' distinct patchy, visible characteristics would have some people believe this is the only type of Alopecia. 

Dotted Diamond


Blue Rings

Total Balding of the Scalp. There is no hair follicle present and the head is completely smooth. 

Note : This may appear different in individuals who have Androgenic Alopecia.

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ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS Total balding of the scalp including eyebrows, eyelashes and other bodily hair.



There are different types of Alopecia

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Bottom Line:  Not all Alopecia looks the same. There are distinct patterns for each type of hair loss. Patches or complete baldness are not the only form of Alopecia.  Stress and autoimmunity are the major underlying conditions that can cause Alopecia.