Our Story

“Necessity is the mother of invention”–Plato

We are a real family of thin-haired women. This, of course, got us talking about what we could do to help our complex and painful dilemma.  When we couldn’t find relief in what the market had readily available, we worked to create a patented product that delivers comfort and beauty. After many trips to the fabric store and with the help of our sewing machine, we believe we created perfection with the ThinHairThick Hair Topper.

Like so many women—about 70%, in fact—our family each experienced different situations that drove us toward our desire of wanting to enhance our thin hair: medical conditions, age/hormonal related hair loss, or simply aesthetic reasons. And, like so many women, our thin hair did not necessarily call for a wig. We simply wanted to enhance what we naturally had. It seemed simple, but our quest to find this magical product was downright difficult.

We had two firm requirements of our product: wearability and believability.

Wearability means it won’t damage your own hair. This is a big deal! Hair extensions and toppers are damaging because they require attaching the product on the users’ own hair by using glues, clips, and anchors. Over time, the fine hair breaks and is compromised under the stress of these out-of-date remedies. We put an end to that unhealthy practice and delivered a no-stress experience. While we were at it, we also designed the hair to withstand a high-winds test, the airport security test, sweat test, and at-home-ease-of-use test.

The believability test means that we searched high and low to source the finest quality material. Our aim was to produce a look absolutely natural and provide such a realistic look it would fool even the most seasoned critic.

So, no more asking, “Can you see my scalp?” or spending hours trying to volumize your hair with products that fall flat.  YES, throw the glues and damaging clips away. Set yourself free with our innovative line of comfortable hair blends.

We promise the end result will leave you with a flawless head of hair…and a smile to boot.  Welcome to the family!

Seamstress creating a crown hair extension topper