What is the ThinHairThick Difference?

Clip-Free Solution:
When you look at the design of the ThinHairThick hair topper it immediately looks different from other crown hair extensions. Where other hair toppers rely on clips that anchor to your own hair, you will see that ours does not. How is this possible? Conventional hair toppers almost always rely on clips to secure to the hair. While clips certainly get the job done as far as security, the glaring issue is that this method often causes damage. Worn for any length of time, you will almost certainly feel the impulse to remove it and allow your hair follicles to recover from the unnatural stress. The irony of most hair toppers is clear after a few wears. The very thing that helps women cover their thinning and fine hair is also a guilty culprit. It covers your thin hair while making it thinner. It is a vicious cycle. There is no reason to let that happen. Simply put, fine hair cannot tolerate the constant weight of daily worn hair toppers and hair extensions. Our solution aims to remove the need for direct anchoring or bonding to the hair. By using a stretchable band that interlocks with a comb, we rely on a method of comfort and security that is completely independent of attaching to your own hair while seamlessly integrating.

Security & Coverage:
Hey, doesn’t there already exist a no-damage hair extension?

Products like the halo hair extensions on a fishing string provide length in the back and can be a great alternative.  And, while such products do not create pressure on the head, it also does not provide coverage on the top and sides, where women need volume most. There is also a concern that athletic and active women need to have something stable enough to tote kids around, run marathons, and do cartwheels on windy days. In short, hair products that rely on fishing line simply lack the stability to be able to stand up to the every day challenges that women perform and do not provide adequate crown coverage.

Get the volume you want where you need it and have peace of mind knowing it will be secure. Our patent-pending ThinHairThick design will help you achieve volume and stability by using our interlocking velvet band and comb method.  You deserve to wear something that satisfies all of your needs: security and coverage, without the damage or pain. Our stretchable hair topper is the perfect solution.

Natural Look by Design:
No one wants to be spotted wearing “fake hair”. Sure, it’s okay to change up your look—blonde one day and brown the next. But, looking fake is a separate issue. Usually, the first sign that you notice when someone is wearing hair is an unnatural shape and volume to the head.  Sometimes you will hear the term “wiggy” or “helmet head” to describe the look of hair that has too much volume or misshapen.  Why does this happen?

  • Density
  • Shape

We have addressed these common problems by selecting from the best scalp materials—lace and silk.  This helps to create the most realistic illusion of hair coming from the head and natural density. No permatease construction here, (we love you Dolly Parton but just need to do our own thing on this one).  You will also notice that the shape of our hair piece is like a bonnet as opposed to an oval patch that sits atop of the head.  This coverage wraps your head in a seamless integration.  Traditional hair toppers that sit on top of the head tend to have an uneven bump between the users head and the piece because the shape does not allow for maximum integration.  It stops short on the sides revealing a distinction.  Our ear to ear coverage blurs the line between your own hair and that of the piece. This illusion creates the most natural appearance.

The ThinHairThick Difference Challenge:
If you wear hair you know that having an arsenal of options is key. Rotating colors, lengths and textures is part of the fun of wearing hair. It’s like rotating shoes. You have different pairs of shoes in your closet for different occasions–from slippers to that magnificent pair of stilettos. However, you know too well that if you had to walk a mile in those stiletto heels, the only thing that would be magnificent is the size of your blisters. For occasions when comfort and beauty must coexist, you need to have a solid option. Include a go-to hair piece that is comfortable–one that you can wear with peace of mind.  If you are new to the wonderful world of alternative hair, there is no better place to start than the ThinHairThick hair topper. Save yourself the hassle and heartache of trying to make stilettos work as your everyday solution. As you transition to wearing hair, our piece helps provide the volume you need in the utmost natural way. Get started on the right foot!