Doomed By Your Rare Hair?

Thinning Curly Hair and Curly Hair Toppers

Curly Hair: The Rare Hair

Human hair comes in a variety of colors and textures. The rarest of human hair colors that naturally occurs is red hair. As for texture, curly hair is the rarest amongst those of European descent.

African hair is more coiled and dry; Asian hair is straighter and thicker; and Caucasian hair is somewhere in between with around 45% having straight hair, 40% having wavy hair, and 15% having curly hair


Can Curly Hair Thin?

Thin Curly Hair

A lot of people associate curly hair with a thick, coarse texture. While that is one possibility, there can also be fine texture curly hair that changes over the course of person’s lifetime. Puberty and post-partum hair loss changes can be quite dramatic from previously known textures. Hormonal fluctuations are largely responsible for textural changes. However, curly texture can also change as a person matures and the hair shaft miniaturizes.

As with straight texture hair, curly hair can also thin over time. However, it might take a longer time to become noticeable since curly hair appears fuller. Curls take up more space and can create a false illusion of volume. In fact, this can be seen as a positive trait. Some people with straight hair may notice the first signs of thinning and choose to get a permanent wave added to create a similar effect.

Hair Extensions To Help Stringy, Flat Curls

Those with thinning curly hair might find it a challenge to match their texture when it comes to shopping for alternative hair pieces, hair extensions and toppers. Finding hair pieces that have curls are a rare find. Often times, when curly-hair people opt for wearing alternative hair pieces, they are forced to straighten their biological hair in order to match the options readily available on the market.

Since many hair pieces are made with Asian hair, it can be difficult to hold a curl. That means using a curling iron to add a curl into your hair piece is going to be nearly impossible. But, you can add a permanent curl to it by a chemical process and that would offer a better texture match. The other option is to find a reputable hair company that makes curly hair pieces. You can find a selection of wavy and curly hair pieces here.

As with naturally curly hair, your curly human hair toppers are prone to frizz. Care for your hair toppers and hair pieces the same way you would your own biological curly hair. Avoid alcohol-based products which dry out the hair. Find a silicone-free, leave-in conditioner that nourishes the curls.

You will find that embracing your biological hair texture is ultimately the best way to wear alternative hair. You will not feel constrained to straighten and thereby damage your curls if you find a similar texture that matches your curly pattern. The curl pattern need not be an identical match since most people with curly hair have a variety of sizes and shapes of curls and coils.

If you are on the hunt for an extra boost of volume, curly hair toppers are a great solution for those with fine, thinning curls and can offer a natural way to kick your curls into shape.

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