THT Original Band


The Original THT Headband works together with the hairband for a secure fit. No pulling, bulk free, smooth design allows for a comfortable experience. Breathable material accommodates active lifestyles.  Velcro adjustable design offers one size fits all.

Washing Instructions:
We recommend hand washing your THT Band in cool water, with a mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly, roll THT Headband into a towel for a few moments to absorb excess water, then lay flat to dry.

The THT Headband is like an old pair of your favorite jeans.  Upon wearing it will conform to your head and the velcro will soften. To prevent your THT Headband from stretching out, we recommend a snug but not tight fit.  Do not stretch the band out when securing it around your head.  The material will stretch out over time and we recommend replacement around 6-8 months with daily wear.  Many customers purchase a few at a time and rotate them.

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