Top Three Pros of Synthetic Hair

If you were to ask me a few years ago when I started my hair-wearing journey which I preferred between human hair or synthetic, I would have unequivocally proclaimed human hair. My rationale went something like this: my own hair is a wavy/frizzy texture, therefore I need human hair so it will blend in better.
Here is what I have learned since then that has made synthetic hair a top contender in my book.

1. Synthetic hair comes in many different fibers. My personal preference is a heat defiant fiber that can be curled and straightened.  I am fickle and I can not commit to just one hair style. I enjoy having the flexibility that allows me to be creative with my hair without the worry of heat-damage.  While human hair can be curled and straightened too, if it is heat-styled with any frequency it will damage the cuticle faster. Hands down, synthetic hair is the winner here! And, if you are looking for a personal hair styling tip for synthetic, low heat 280 degrees seems to be the perfect temperature to work with (even though the fiber can withstand a higher heat).
2. As a synthetic fiber, there is not the unethical procurement that so frequently follows the human hair trade industry. When there is demand of a commodity such as human hair, you can find a factory who will undoubtedly deliver. The factory wins because they get the larger purchase orders which equate to stability for them.  Customers win because their mass-produced hair piece allowed the price to be driven down.  Everyone wins, right? NO. I know from first-hand experience that is not the case.  One larger batch of hair pieces I received all had roots attached to the hair strand. As I got to thinking about this error, I realized it was much more egregious than a factory defect. Think about it…who would allow their hair to be taken from the root?  There are two options: hair that has been procured by force or that has been harvested from dead bodies. This realization alone lead to the singular decision at ThinHairThick to throttle mass production. All of our orders are treated as boutique orders as we implemented a “small batch” policy. No exceptions!
3. Synthetic hair is lower maintenance and a lower price point.  There is something freeing about wearing my synthetic hair to the gym, running errands or for a night out.  In contrast, I feel somewhat restricted when I have paid lots of $$$$ on human hair.  I don’t want to heat style it as much because I want it to last longer.  I even wear it less because I want to get the most bang for my buck.  It’s that extra mental fatigue that accompanies wearing high end hair that I don’t want to think about daily. With synthetic “wash and go” is a term that truly applies. A lower price point helps me to feel good about the purchase and certainly no sacrifice is made when it comes to looking good in synthetic. Fun fact: synthetic hair tends to also photograph better for all of your “selfie” moments.
My synthetic pros list can go on much longer but those three points are tops in my mind.  It took us a long time to find the best fiber to use at ThinHairThick but, in the end, it is so worth it. If you are in “Camp Human Hair” I invite you to add a synthetic style to your hair rotation: From its affordable price point to its sustainable procurement to it’s incredible ability to be heat styled–it is beautiful in every sense of the matter. 

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  1. Alicia says:

    Sorry for so many questions . . . I have little kids. What happens if (when) they pull on it? Will it pull the headband off and reveal my scalp?

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