Brow Lamination: A Hair Raising Trend. Is It Worth It?


If the term Brow Lamination is a new one for you, that’s because it is the latest in a beauty trend that deals with making the eyebrows appear fuller.  Think throwback movies like Blue Lagoon where Brooke Shield’s set the eyebrow standard bushy and high.  All things old are new again and today’s trend demands a fuller brow. It has some people seeking out a procedure called brow lamination. 

What is Brow Lamination?

There is a hair-raising trend that seems to be getting a lot of attention in the beauty space. Eyebrow lamination is a procedure that directs eyebrow hairs in an upward motion. The brows are set in place using a chemical solution, similar to that of hair permanent solutions. Once the chemical solution covers the brows, it is “baked” in using a clear wrap, plastic sheet overlay. This does two things: keeps the hair directioned upward and creates a mild heat sensation to activate the chemical solution.

Is Brow Lamination Safe?

If the density of your eyebrow hairs is normal, a blow lamination may not be damaging.  Where is gets dicey is when the eyebrow hair is thinner.  Thin hair is typically more porous and introducing harsh chemicals can further cause the eyebrow follicle to miniaturize.  People with thin eyebrows have trouble keeping up with this trend because the cycle tends to worsen the problem. 

To better understand the potential for damage, consider how a hair permanent can change the texture of your hair. Many people opt for permanents when they desire more body and it is an alternative way to create fuller hair.  Hairstylists caution not to color permed hair and prior to the perm service, they advice not to wash the hair. All of these strategies are to spare your hair from the further damage a perm can create.  People have long dealt with the frazzled and damaging effects of perms for decades.  Sometimes the damage can go unnoticed on the head since there is more hair to mask the problem. However, eyebrow damage is less forgiving because it is a forward-facing feature.

Is Brow Lamination Good For Thin Brows?

Since our blog has a unique focus on thin hair and hair loss, we need to be direct in answering this question. Unfortunately, it may not be your best option. “If the goal is to regrow your own eyebrows then I would recommend steering clear from harsh chemicals like brow laminations,” says Tiffany Youngcertified trichologist and CEO of Thin Hair Thick. “Some solutions use the same chemicals as a perm solution which can disrupt the natural growth process and create inflammation on sensitive skin.” Added dryness from the procedure can also cause hair breakage.

Oftentimes, the chemical solution that is used for brow laminations is called a setting lotion. This term can be somewhat confusing for those believing that the lotion has some conditioning properties.  To be clear, the setting lotion that is used during a brow lamination is not the kind of lotion that conditions. In fact, it is basically the same chemical compound as used in a hair perm. 

Is Brow Lamination Worth It?

The bottom line on answering the question if a brow lamination is worth the cost is: maybe.  Eyebrow laminations typically last about 6 weeks under ideal circumstances.  However, there is a big caveat that is overlooked. Eyebrow hair is usually exposed to the same ingredients that you include in your face care routine.  Consider the active ingredients that you use in your skincare routine first. Your face skincare regimen may include salicylic acids, retinols, tretinoins, or other active ingredients. These ingredients do not mix well with brows that have been treated with lamination chemicals. They tend to be drying to the hair and encourage faster cell regeneration which will turn over the eyebrow hair growth cycle.  If you are unable to avoid the eye area with your face creams, your results will be diminished to about half of that time–about 3 weeks.

If you want to study up before you take the plunge, there is more to read here.




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