Do You REALLY Know How To Wash Your Hair?

Hair Washing
Are you doing it all wrong? Wash Day worries.

You might be surprised to learn that there are ways to enhance your wash days.  Washing your hair hardly seems like a complex task but depending on your execution, the results can leave you with a different outcome. How often should you wash your hair? That depends on your hair thickness and type. Let’s start by discussing the two opposite ends of the spectrum–fine-hair and course curly textures.

The goal is always to stretch out your wash days for as long as possible.  However, if you have fine, thin hair you might realize that number is fairly low–somewhere between one and three days. Fine, thin hair usually shows scalp buildup more quickly because there is less hair to absorb the oils. And, if the reason why you have thin hair is due to Androgenic Alopecia (AKA Male Female Pattern Baldness) you will likely notice that stretching out wash days can make your hair shed even more.  That isn’t your imagination!  Hair follicles are sensitive to the hormone producing chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  If it isn’t cleared from the scalp with frequency, it can increase hair shedding.

Those with thicker, course hair should aim for infrequent washings–every five to seven days if possible. Since curly course hair tends to be dry, it can especially benefit from the natural oils that the scalp produces. Over washing will lead to increased frizz and an inability to hold style. This hair type craves moisture. Grab those humectant products that help to lock in moisture.  Apply to the hair, mid-shaft and downward.  Avoiding the scalp area is best and will encourage natural oils to do their job and tide you over until the next wash day.

Read other tips and tricks for your wash day in the Teen Vogue article.

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