Grow Thicker Hair Naturally

Tips on how you can grow thicker hair.

Is it really possible to grow thicker hair naturally? Thick, luscious locks are a gold standard in beauty and the envy for many people. How do you work with what your momma gave you and channel your inner Chaka Khan?


Go natural! Fenugreek seeds have long been used to promote hair growth in many parts of the world, including India.

These tiny seeds are rich in iron and protein—which are essential to hair growth. They also are a natural anti-inflammatory.

Stress equals inflammation. Have you ever noticed when you get stressed your hair starts to fall out? Cure the inflammation and you can set the stage for prime hair growth.


Go scientific! Red Light Therapy, yes it really works. The catch is that the red LED light intensity must be 660 nm in order to be effective at stimulating hair growth.

Give it time and you will discover hair growth around 3 months if used for 20 minutes three times a week.

Hair growth takes time but the payoff is high a reward. There is no substitute for confidently wearing your own hair and not having to rely on hair extensions and wigs to create a fuller look.


To read the full article, visit the link below as 60 beauty experts share their best tips. Have you ever tried any of these tips? We want to know.

How To Naturally Grow Thicker Hair – 60 Beauty Experts Share Their Tips

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