Hair Hacks for Dry and Damaged Hair


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Hot tools can damage hair. Find out how to repair it.
Thin Hair Thick joins hair and beauty experts as they weigh in on the best way to nurse back your dry and damaged hair. 


How do you repair heat-damaged hair due to excessive straightening or curling?

You’re addicted to your flat iron, and it shows. Heat-damaged hair is a real problem. Fortunately, it is possible to coax your cuticle back into shape after you’ve mistreated it. Tightly aligned cuticles have a natural luster and reflective quality.  Heat-damaged hair is a problem at the cuticle layer and disrupts how the hair behaves. Don’t reach for that smoothing serum that has silicones, instead, you’ll want to fix the problem by strengthening the cuticle hair bonds.

  1. Olaplex Bond Building products are designed to repair damage—either from heat or overbleaching. Their system, specifically the “Number 3,” encourages your cuticles to play nice and get along. As a result, you’ll have manageable, soft hair that you’d swear had never been straightened a day of its’ life.
  2. Looking for a similar effect but need a more wallet-friendly option?  Consider L’oreal’s Elvive 8 Wonder Water.

Bottom line, both of these calm your cuticles and strengthen the hair shaft. Skip the silicones that may offer a temporary faux fix by making your hair shiny. Silicones don’t work on the same scientific level as the two products mentioned above. 


Read the full article below to find out the best trips and tricks.


How To Repair Heat Damaged Hair – 40 Beauty Experts Share Their Tips

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