THT Poly Top Band


The THT Poly Top Band works together with the THT Topper or can easily convert your own topper for a secure fit. It’s made from a light velvet fabric that has a polyurethane strip attached to the top and stay-put cord backing with velcro tab. This perfectly accommodates lace tops and other topper designs by removing the need to use clips and glue. For those with sensitive skin or allergies to tapes and adhesives, the THT Poly Top Band eliminates the need for direct skin contact while keeping your topper secure. No pulling, bulk free, smooth design allows for a comfortable experience. Breathable material accommodates active lifestyles. Please note: if you are using this as a topper converter on a non THT topper, your system will likely require the use of some clips. Only the THT Topper is a truly clip-free hair solution due to the unique design. However, the THT Poly Top Band can reduce the amount of clips required.

Washing Instructions:
We recommend hand washing your THT Band in cool water, with a mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly, roll THT Headband into a towel for a few moments to absorb excess water, then lay flat to dry.

The THT Headband is like an old pair of your favorite jeans.  Upon wearing it will conform to your head and will soften. To prevent your THT Headband from stretching out, we recommend a snug but not tight fit.  Do not stretch the band out when securing it around your head.  The material will stretch out over time and we recommend replacement around 6-8 months with daily wear.  Many customers purchase a few at a time and rotate them.

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